Secure your business with the Microsoft Cloud

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Security begins with the knowing the risks and implementing the basics to achieve quick-wins. The Microsoft Cloud, in particular Office 365 and Azure, provide built-in advanced security features and services to help organisations lockdown their environment and help prevent data loss, breach and cyber-attacks. All these security features and services are already included in the subscription costs you pay so there are no-additional costs of third-party products unless absolutely necessary.
Handstand adopt a security by default approach and ensure that all customer systems have a secure configuration from the outset. Our security recommendations are based on the customers needs and the types of data they hold. We work closely with customers on their information security risk assessment to establish exactly what level of protection and control is required.
Once a risk assessment has been performed we provide our recommendation into the following categories:
• Mandatory – these are essential controls which should be implemented without question. Usually these controls are easy to achieve and create the least impact to users.
• Recommendations – these controls would significantly help enhance the level of security but may impact easy access and use of the system for the users.
• Considerations – depending on the type of information processed these items will often be hard to implement and cause the biggest impact to the users, they will also likely to be third-party products and services.
Secure configuration is only the start. People pose one the biggest threats to the security of information and are the most susceptible to being compromised.
A system that is configured to be resilient to human error or malicious activity is the first step, but we can also provide ongoing help and training to raise awareness amongst the users of your IT system about their responsibilities for the protection of information and the impact it could have on your business.
The Microsoft Cloud provides the ability to monitor the entire platform for suspicious activity. As part of our service we enable the most useful features that provides us with the ability to spot usual behaviour as it happens.
The landscape of IT security changes and our ongoing security improvement plan helps us to remain current and on top of things as new-threats and the features designed to protect against them emerge.
We have helped many customers implement Information Security and achieve certification in Information Security Standards such as ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials. (link to compliant, maybe on certification?)


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