Professional Services be more professional.

For the last 15+ years, Professional Services firms have been at the heart of our business. We work with solicitors, surveyors, accountants and a diverse range of digitally driven organisations that rely on the processing and communication of information to function effectively.

Functional and effective IT services are the key to their operational success and the importance of security, compliance and continuity is growing as these information businesses need to protect the customers who place trust in them.


Moving the Microsoft Cloud and away from traditional on-premise IT or inferior service providers is more cost-effective and instantly more professional.

It provides instant scalability, increased performance and future resilience to ensure that these businesses can grow to take on projects at scale and compete with the larger players in the market.


Peak Performance

Business Resilience

The explosion of Cloud in the last 5 years has now entirely removed the barriers to technology, customers and provided businesses of all sizes the ability to compete on the same playing field.

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Who have you done this for?
We have worked with small to medium sized businesses, non-profits, public sector and even enterprise customers for the last 15+ years.
Why are you better than other providers?
We don’t know all other provider’s, but we have seen lots of good ones and bad ones alike. We believe that complete transparency to help build a trusted partnership with all of our customers is the foundation of a good IT provider.
Can I ask for references?
Yes, we are happy to provide references on request and have many happy customers willing to do this.

In what ways can you improve technology my business?
If technology causes you ongoing problems and is something that consistently blocks productivity we can help with this.
What are your support hours?
Our standard hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm UK.
Can you offer 24/7/365 support?
Yes, we can and do provide extended support hours as required.

In what ways can you save me money?
Many businesses waste money on old and out-dated technology by having to fire-fight ongoing issues. We can completely transform your IT which both reduces the cost of support and impact on your productivity.
Why is a subscription model better?
Many businesses defer upgrading the systems they have already invested in because they think that modernisation is expensive. Switching from a capital expense to an operational expense is a lot less painful than you think.

Can you help me be 100% secure?
The short answer is no, but neither can anyone else. We can however make sure that we put the fundamentals in place which will help eliminate and protect you against common threats and vulnerabilities.

Does this mean I will be GDPR compliant?
No, security is only one aspect of GDPR which is a complex regulation and requires a lot more processes than just security. We can of course help our customers with compliance to GDPR and other standards as required.

I have a backup in place for my data, what else do I need?
Backup is only one aspect of business continuity. You should first define the ‘what ifs’ so you have a better understanding of what services you depend upon for the continued operation of your business. This is a huge oversight with many organisations large and small.

I am on ‘The Cloud’, why do I need to consider business continuity from an IT perspective?
It is inevitable that technology fails from time to time. Cloud providers, however large, are not impervious to failure. If you have a solid plan in place to reduce the impact these glitches can cause the more resilient you are. Something as simple as knowing the alternative way you can communicate with customers during outage can make all the difference.

I’ve never had a business continuity problem in 17 years, why do I need to consider it now?
The digital transformation of most businesses means there are very few organisations now who are not reliant on technology which has increased the risk significantly. Simple and effective business continuity planning separates your business from the ones that just ignore it. This raises you above the competition..

We have spare capacity in our existing IT, is this not enough?
As your business grows it is better to have access to an infinite resource than it is to have restrictions with out-dated technology. It is more difficult and costlier to upgrade on-premise systems and makes a business dependent on them harder to scale quickly.

Can technology really improve the performance of a small business?
Yes, we believe that technology provides business with greater opportunity to compete with much larger businesses and beyond their geographic location.

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