Non-profits, why we love a good cause.

We work with a number of Non-profits and always go the extra mile. It’s a tough place to be raising money to help other people and if we can use our experience to help them out then that’s exactly what we should do.

Fixed Cost

Inclusive Support

Our first and foremost objective is to provide the best IT services including
support at a fixed cost to make budgeting for non-profits easier.

Using the Microsoft Cloud for their IT system helps us realise this goal, with Microsoft leading the way for non-profits by providing free licensing for the Windows, free or extremely low-cost subscriptions to Office 365 and also a free of charge credit for Azure of up to £2.5k per annum.

Low-Cost Microsoft Windows

Free or Low-Cost Office 365

Free Azure of up to £2.5k

We also recognise that non-profits often process a lot of sensitive information about the people they work with, donators and other partners. We provide all services with security in mind (link to secure) and often donate our expertise to help non-profits ensure that risks are properly identified, and suitable policies, procedures, standards and baselines are in place to help the organisation comply with various regulations that non-profits have to adhere to.

GDPR Compliant

Sensitive Information Protected

We understand the culture of a non-profits and the people that work for them. They differ from commercial organisations and we love working with them.

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What does fixed cost mean?
We provide our services at a flat rate per person inclusive of all licensing and support.

For how long do you guarantee no change in cost?
Our pricing will not change for a period of at least 12 months and will only alter due to fluctuations in exchange rates for products and services that we include in the per-person cost.

Will my cost decrease if people leave?
Yes you will only pay for what you need on a month-by-month basis.

What do you consider to be support?
We provide support for the operating system and standard applications, printers and other hardware or software as required.

Do you have restrictions on the number of times we can call?
Inclusive support means you can call us anytime during business hours for all technical issue large or small.

Do I get reports?
Yes, we can provide monthly reports on the issues raised. We can also provide details of our response and resolution times.

How do I get Windows software?
We can help you register with the Microsoft Non-Profit portal and validate that you are eligible to receive benefits. More details can be found here

How long do I get the benefit?
You can request full versions once, subsequently you can claim low-cost upgrade versions for any existing machine with a current license.

How many licenses do I get?
Currently up to 50 licenses can be requested every two-years.

Which licenses are free?
Business Essentials which includes all the core Office 365 services such as email, file storage, instant messaging and conferencing is free of charge.

What is the difference between the commercial and non-profit price?
Non-profits pay around 75% less than commercial organisations.

How do I claim for the Azure credit?
We can help you register with the Microsoft Non-Profit portal and validate that you are eligible to receive benefits. More details can be found here

How long can I use the free credit for?
Free credit lasts for 12 months which can be renewed annually.

What happens if our costs go over the free credit allowance?
Microsoft will bill you to the registered payment on the account.

What is GDPR Compliant?
The GDPR Regulation has a number of criteria to meet to ensure that organisations which control, and process personal information treat this data correctly and securely.

Can Office 365 make me GDPR compliant?
The short answer is no but it can provide everything an organisation would need to manage retention periods, provide sensitivity labelling, encryption, and access control which are all components of securing a system to GDPR requirements.

What can you do to help us be secure?
Microsoft Office 365 has built-in security and compliance features included with the licenses you pay which can help prevent the most common problems.

Do you monitor for security issues?
Office 365 Security and Compliance provides us with excellent visibility of threats, from email scams, viruses, compromised accounts and attempts to steal data.

Who have you done this for?
We implement a secure configuration standard for all of our customers by default.

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