Developers, why you need us.

Developers are good at building great software but without operational IT the great software is often not as resilient as it should be and can provide a headache for both the developers and customers who are paying them.
Hosting is harder than it looks, of course Microsoft Azure takes a lot of the pain away, but continuous deployment of your software product can sometimes be troublesome or, in some cases, disastrous. How many times have you rolled out a version to hosting to find a huge problem with performance?

We help remove many of the pitfalls of hosting with a wealth of experience behind us. We have been hosting since 2004, we have hosted on dedicated hardware, journeyed to virtualisation and to what we now call cloud over the span of the last 15 years.

We can help you with availability with ongoing deployments and also looking at ways to build in resilience for your production systems.  We can maximise performance and provide you with operational scalability that helps you sustain rapid growth.

Satisfied Users

We can also help you with security to ensure your critical information, whether that is the personal sensitive information of your customers or a database full of your intellectual property to ensure they are not compromised.

Secure Configuration

Business Continuity


And it’s not just developers of Web Applications we can help. We can also provide Windows Application developers a route to market for selling their software on as a SaaS model as well by utilising application virtualisation that can even make your software available on a tablet or mobile device.

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Who have you hosted for?
We provide hosting to small to medium-sized businesses, non-profits, public sector and enterprise customers.

Can I ask for references?
Yes, we are happy to provide references on request and have many happy customers willing to do this.

What is your uptime SLA?
We can tailor our service to your requirements. Unlike large scale providers we operate our hosting platform with an aim to meet each individual customer expectations and requirements. Our data centre partner provides 100% availability of power and 99.999% availability for connectivity.

What does secure configuration mean?
We deploy all systems to a secure configuration standard which means we have already reduced many common vulnerabilities out of the box. This includes removing default settings which are known security risks.

How do you maintain secure configuration after initial deployment?
We continually improve our secure configuration standard based on information from emerging threats and provide ongoing patch management to ensure systems remaining secure by default.

Why do I need Business Continuity Planning?
Your customers are faithfully paying to use your software and without knowing how to deal with inevitable downtime or understanding how to recover quickly you run a big risk in losing them.

How much does business continuity cost too much?
This really depends on how much redundancy you put in place. The first step to business continuity is to understand what your requirements are and then decide on the most effective cost-efficient options. Can you really afford not to?

Can you help us gain ISO 27001?
Yes, we can help you develop an ISMS which offers your customers assurance that your information security meets the grade and provides you with a competitive edge.

Can you help us with GDPR compliance?
Yes, we can help you develop a GDPR compliance program.

What is DevOps?
DevOps brings together development and IT operations to ensure that software deployment runs efficiently through automation, so developers can release software faster and more reliably.

My application is not web-based, can you run it in a browser?
Yes, we deliver your Windows application through a web-browser to allow access from anywhere on any device.

Can you publish my application on a mobile device?
Yes, any device with an HTML5 compliant browser will support access to the application and there are also native applications for IOS and Android.

Can my Windows application run on Linux?
Yes, either through an HTML5 compliant browser or the native Linux application.

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