Certified for Information Security and Data Protection

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Being able to prove compliance to Information Security Standards such as ISO 27001 or Cyber Essentials is becoming commonplace and more often required in some cases to be able to work with financial services firms, public sector and other larger commercial organisations.
The introduction of stringent Data Protection Regulations such as GDPR have also increased the need to comply with known best-practice and be able to prove beyond doubt that your business is acting responsibility.
All IT Services provided by Handstand are modern and secure by default. These include our own infrastructure as well as customers and partners alike. We recognised in 2015 the importance of implement the ISO 27001 Standard ourselves  and since then we have helped many of our customers realise the same achievement.
We can assist our customers in the design of policies, procedures, standards and baselines that fit their requirement for compliance to both Standards and Data Protection regulation.
We can also be part of the audit to certification and as part of our service all system changes, incidents and other events that affect an IT systems compliance to Information Security Standards or Data Protection Regulations such as GPDR are recorded and we work closely with the customers to ensure that root causes are revealed, and controls are improved to help prevent the problem from happening again.

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