Business Continuity, Understood.

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Most SMEs do not realise the impact of the loss of an IT system until it happens. This is also sadly true for many larger businesses as well. Taking a lessons-learned approach to business continuity is a lottery and it doesn’t need to be like this.

Moving to the Microsoft Cloud is only the first step to a more resilient IT system but plans to help you respond quickly to events that prevent you from doing business should also be considered and implemented.

We can help you recognise your most critical services and develop a Response Plan, so you know what to do in the event of a problem that severely impacts your ability to operate.

The next step is to ensure that these critical services can be recovered efficiently and as quickly as possible. This allows your business to continue operations at the most basic level, so you can get back to providing services to your paying customers.

Lastly, we plan the steps that help you completely restore your business to a state that is no-longer vulnerable and at risk of failing.

If there is one thing to remember it’s this,

a backup is not a Business Continuity Plan.

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